The Literary Tarot

Created by Brink Literacy Project

A Tarot Deck Unlocking the Secrets of Classic Literature—join us as we delve into the libraries of history, unearthing secrets of the cosmos through the wisdom of our favorite classic stories… Join an all-star team of beloved authors—including Margaret Atwood, Stephen Fry, Roxane Gay, Patrick Rothfuss, and Celeste Ng—as they pair literary works with each card in the tarot, unlocking the secrets of the arcana through the world's most powerful stories. All proceeds from this store go toward our nonprofit mission to increase literacy rates, nurture emerging and marginalized voices, and help people living on the brink to unlock the potential inside themselves! Brink Literacy Project is a 501(c)(3) & Scottish Registered Charity

Latest Updates from Our Project:

MORE booster pack voting!
8 months ago – Wed, Sep 08, 2021 at 10:06:29 PM

Dear lovely backers!

We hope you’re doing well! We’re popping in with an update on our progress and some more thumbnails for you to vote on.


Firstly, after SO many of you took part in voting for our booster Death card, our wonderful Major Arcana artist, Sam Dow, whipped up this absolute beauty:

And what’s more, she‘s on a ROLL, so she got together three more sets of thumbnails for you to vote on!

So let’s get voting! You’ll see the concept thumbnails for 3 out of the 5 remaining booster cards below. In the google poll here, select which thumbnail you like best for each of these 3 cards. Please get your votes in by midnight PT Friday 10th September.

  • The Star: Amaterasu (Japanese Myth)
  • The Magician: Anansi (Akan, West African, and Caribbean Folklore)
  • The Lovers: Achilles and Patroclus (Greek Myth – bonus extra alternative Lovers card!)

We’ll be back in our next update with more thumbnails for you to vote on the final two booster cards: The Moon (paired with The Rabbit of the Moon) and The Lovers (paired with Hades and Persephone).


Things have been progressing well and once we have some final issues worked out with our VAT advisor (curse you EU for changing your shipping rules so recently!), we will be ready to send you your shipping surveys. We’ll be sure to pop back in here with an update at the same time that we release them, so don’t worry about missing them—we’ll let you know once they have been sent out. Thanks so much for your patience here—unfortunately where we have to wait on information or work from other parties we are unable to speed up the process (besides sending poking emails every two days... which you better believe we're doing), but rest assured that we are working as speedily as we can to coordinate everything correctly and to get you the best prices possible.


Spike Trotman, one of our amazing contributors and an absolute comic legend, heads up the publisher Iron Circus Comics, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for The Woman in the Woods and Other North American Stories, an all-new anthology of fantastic comics inspired by original North American folktales. As a publisher of short comics ourselves, the collection looks truly stunning and has been written, drawn, and created by an incredible, diverse team of contributors.

If you reckon this could be your jam, we highly recommend scooting on over to check it out ASAP as the campaign only has 4 days to go. Link here, dear backers!

We’ll be back with an update as soon as we have more news from our advisors about the shipping process. Until then, happy voting!


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos

More cards, updates on progress, and booster pack voting!
9 months ago – Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 08:56:09 PM

Dear lovely backers!

Thanks so much for your patience as our entire team recovered from the six-month sleepless race required to prepare for and run the Kickstarter. Man, what a sprint!

Although we all took some desperately needed time to recover in July, the big old tarot making machine kept rolling, and we have a lot of fun updates for you all! First of all, let’s start with some updates from our amazing team of artists.


Below you’ll find new cards! Just like we did during the campaign, anyone who wants to guess which books they illustrate, feel free to guess in the comments! We’ll jump in after a few days and let you know what’s what!

As we are no longer able to edit the campaign page, we've added the huge graphic of all the cards together to the bottom of this update so that you can see them all in one place!


Let me hand this off to Helen, to give you all the lowdown on fulfillment…

“Hello everyone! I have been madly liaising between our new shipping platform, shipping tax specialist, and fulfilment services to work out how to get you the smoothest and most cost effective system possible. We’ve made great headway on building out the BackerKit pre-order store and shipping surveys, so now we’re in the process of tying up some loose ends regarding how to correctly manage the shipping in two waves (F(r)iction items this fall and tarot next spring). Once we’ve got that sorted (hopefully in the next couple of weeks if possible), we will be sending out surveys so for now hang tight and we’ll be back with more intel on this as soon as we have it all worked out!”


For all you fine folks who added the Booster Pack to your order, you’ll be getting five new cards, paired by our backer community! I have some cool art thumbnails to show off below, and just as with our celebrity authors, you’ll get to weigh in on which you like best! But before we get to that, we’re going to be adding an additional card to the pack for free, since the competition for the Lovers Card was so tight (and because we all really wanted some rad queer rep!).

Thus, as a gift for all your amazing participation in the pairings—and because we’re just so damn grateful—everyone getting the Booster will automatically get an extra, EXTRA Lovers card, pairing it with Achilles and Patroclus!

To start, let’s vote on thumbnails for the Death card, which you all voted to be paired with “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edger Allan Poe. You’ll see the concept thumbnails that Sam drafted below. In the google poll here, select which one you like best. Please get your votes in by midnight PT Wednesday 18th August.

Then, we’ll have Sam do the final art and keep you updated on the progress!


As the artists crank through the remaining 38 cards (we have 11 more in different stages of development RIGHT now!), Dani is working with our team of celebrity authors to finish writing up their card meanings, designing the interior of the guidebook, and getting ready to send in samples to test various gold foils. We can’t wait to send you all photos and videos of the new production proofs once we get them!

We’ll be back next month to update you with more card art, booster thumbs, and shipping info. Once we get the demos out the door, we’ll also get start on making those enamel pin designs for you all to vote on.

Right, back to work for us! Thank you all again for backing this project!

11 months ago – Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 02:42:54 AM


They said it was impossible! They said it couldn’t be done in 24 hours! BUT THEY WERE WRONG!

We, my dear backers, are GETTING PINS!

You read me right. You all came out in such incredible numbers—pulling in friends, up-pledging, being general badasses—that we unlocked our final, dream stretch goal! Imagine the entire art team squealing in unison (a tricky thing in five different time zones). But WEEEEE!

I’ll get to designing these buggers the moment I sleep for… at least three days solid.

BUT BEFORE THAT, we also have the final results of the Booster Pack voting. Here’s what you all voted for:

If you’re all too tired to read that (I get ya), here it is in a list:

· The Lovers: Hades and Persephone (Greek Myth)

· Death: The Masque of the Red Death (Edgar Allan Poe)

· The Star: Amaterasu (Japanese Myth)

· The Moon: The Rabbit of the Moon (Far Eastern Folktales)

· The Magician: Anansi (Akan, West African, and Caribbean Folklore)

If anyone wants to add this booster pack to their pledge, it’s just five buckeroos in the add-on section (here’s a link to the FAQ section, if you look at the final question, it will walk you through how to select an add-on!).

Okay friends. Less than thirty minutes left! Thank you all for making this dream a reality. It’s been such a pleasure to bring together all these amazing storytellers, work with our art team, and run this campaign with all of you. THANK YOU. You’re making a lot of very sleepy nonprofit geeks very, very happy.


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos

Fancier Books, Enamel Pins, and One Angry Black Cat!
11 months ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 11:13:43 PM

Hello lovely backers!

Oh wow oh wow. We are so overjoyed and grateful and sleepy and in awe of this last push! Thank you so much for all your kind remarks, for dragging your friends into the fold, and for being so insightful with your booster pack votes!

Goodness, we just couldn’t dream of a better group of backers. THANK YOU.

Alright, we’re rocking very little sleep, so let me attempt to be as coherent as possible...


Right, well, you blew through our fancy ribbon so quickly I ended up making the unlock graphic only hours after making the locked one! What fancy book boxes we will all have!

Next up, as promised, is a bit more swanking out of the big book. This hardbacked baby is not only gonna rock a new design from our artist Edge and be covered in gold foil designs, but if we hit this goal, the book will have GORGEOUS gilded gold edges just like your deck!


I can’t believe I’m even gonna type this, but apparently, I get to toss out a fun stretch goal that I’ve so been craving ALL CAMPAIGN. Helen with her big, practical brain kept reminding me that it adds a hell of an expense fulfillment…but you all have been SO INCREDIBLE and pushed this beyond our wildest dreams, so I FINALLY got the greenlight from the practical Brit to reveal…

Enamel pins, my friends! BEAUTIFUL PINS! If we unlock this goal (and it’s a big goal), this will NOT be an add-on. Oh no. As a HUGE thank you to all you amazing backers, we’ll be giving it away FOR FREE to every single backer backing for a physical deck.

If we make this goal, I’ll mock a few pins up for you all to vote on (you know how much we love voting). 

Here’s what the artists and I are thinking for now (a mix of favorite characters from the cards and the cool Literary Tarot symbols Sam and Edge made!). But we also think it would be cool if all the minor suit artists designed little gold pins for their suits (imagine a cool lantern for the suit of light, a badass quill, dripping with new ideas, parchment roll holding all our secrets, etc). 

If you have ideas, dear backers, do toss them in the comments! I always love to hear from you all!


As I just revealed a whole slew of new cards yesterday, the art team have only just started cranking out the next batch, but I do have two to show off (one that’s not completely done yet, but I just LOVE it). Let the guessing game begin!

You see the one with the menacing cat? I can tell you that the phenomenal Benjamin Percy paired that baby. If you haven’t read any of Ben’s books or comics, he is INCREDIBLY talented, and way back when were just an emerging little nonprofit publisher, Ben was the first big celeb to take a chance on us, and he’s been a powerhouse of support and encouragement for our mission ever since.

Thus, please forgive me some shameless pushing, but Ben has a new book that just came out—The Ninth Metal—and it’s just as brilliant as you’d expect. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Stephen King said about it:

“[In THE NINTH METAL] debris from a comet drops a fabulously valuable new metal on Northfall, MN., turning it into a bloody, brawling boomtown. Great characters, fine writing, totally engrossing.”
—Stephen King

The point is, if it strikes your fancy, give it a try! It's rad!


If you missed it, here’s some really lovely things from the interwebs:

  • No big deal or anything, but Stephen Fry tweeted about us (SQUEEEEEEEEEL)
  • Pat Rothfuss wrote a RAD blog post about his Fool pairing
  • Erin Morgenstern continues to be charming as hell
  • Backer Bradley Beacham informed us that we now have the second largest number of backers for any tarot campaign (only after the amazing Seven's Alleyman campaign) AND backer Richard De Angelis added that we're the most backed totally original deck. So that' know...mindbogglingly cool!

Thanks again for being so incredible! Your enthusiasm for this project and our nonprofit mission are so humbling and amazing. THANK YOU!


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos

P.S. Don’t forget that Booster Pack votes are due tonight at midnight PT! Here’s the Google Poll link for ease.

Patrick Rothfuss Tier and Livestream today!
11 months ago – Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 12:40:04 AM

Hello lovely backers!

We try to not bother you all during the weekend, so I promise to make this short!


Patrick Rothfuss—badass author of the The Name of the Wind and man behind the Fool Card pairing—ALSO runs an incredibly cool nonprofit called WorldBuilders. Uniting geeks from around the globe, they raise funds for education, opportunity, and sustainable self-sufficiency for families and communities worldwide. In short: I’m a big fan.

And although it’s the last days of our campaign and the tail end of Pat’s fundraising cycle—and neither of us should be attempting ANYTHING else—we asked ourselves “hey, what would Don Quixote do?”

And the answer was simple. If there’s a windmill to be vanquished, we should charge in!

Thus, we are revealing our “Foolish Together Package.” In this special tier, not only will you get the Literary Tarot Box set, but Pat helped create a fun exclusive postcard using the beautiful art from the Fool Card!

If that's not cool enough, 50% of post-project sales from this tier will go to WorldBuilders!

To get the word out, Pat and I will be doing a livestreaming today at 5pm EST. If you wanna hear Pat and I talk about the Fool pairing, how much we love Don Quixote, the origins of Don’s gold helmet (and very likely hear Pat sing some songs from the musical), tune in! It’s 100% free and 200% irreverent!

Oh, and for anyone at the Patron Package, although this isn’t technically a stretch goal, we made sure Pat’s postcard will automatically be added to your treasure trove of goodies! We’ll also make a donation to Worldbuilders for every Patron!


Wow oh wow, friends! WE BROKE 600k! Not only does this mean we’ve OFFICIALLY raised more for the charity in this campaign than ANY OTHER FUNDRAISER in our 14-year history, but it also means that we unlocked the totally rad tarot cloth!

For anyone wanting to add this to your pledge, but is struggling to do so, here’s the link to the instructions Seven and LoopyCat wrote up (last of the FAQs)!

We’ll be back tomorrow with our next stretch goal, and don’t forget that tonight is the deadline to get your ideas in for the Booster Pack!



Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos