The Literary Tarot

Created by Brink Literacy Project

A Tarot Deck Unlocking the Secrets of Classic Literature—join us as we delve into the libraries of history, unearthing secrets of the cosmos through the wisdom of our favorite classic stories… Join an all-star team of beloved authors—including Margaret Atwood, Stephen Fry, Roxane Gay, Patrick Rothfuss, and Celeste Ng—as they pair literary works with each card in the tarot, unlocking the secrets of the arcana through the world's most powerful stories. All proceeds from this store go toward our nonprofit mission to increase literacy rates, nurture emerging and marginalized voices, and help people living on the brink to unlock the potential inside themselves! Brink Literacy Project is a 501(c)(3) & Scottish Registered Charity

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Digital F(r)iction Released Early!
26 days ago – Fri, Apr 22, 2022 at 10:46:08 PM

Good day, glorious backers!!!

Spring has sprung, and with it, we have some news to share with you. This’ll be a shorter update, but it comes with some serious positive perks (and a side of unfortunate news that we really wish wasn’t the case).


We are infinitely grateful for the support you’ve shown in backing this project from day one, to continuing to understand the delays and obstacles that we’re facing down. The bummer news is that Shanghai remains under total Covid lockdown. You may have seen this in the news, but China is employing a “COVID Zero” strategy and has been keeping people in their homes for weeks and weeks. Since mid-January, what with lockdown and Chinese New Year, the factory has been open a mere 3 weeks out of the last 14 weeks…

As such, we still don’t have our demo for final evaluation. We are hoping that they reopen by next week (*fingers crossed*!) but this will depend on the government mandate.

Once Shanghai reopens and we do get the demos, we’ll be able to get this process moving again. Until things start back up and the factory reopens though, we don’t have a way to estimate the new timeline. But as soon as we know the production timeline, we are going to tell you all.

So, oof. We know this has been a long, winding road. We’re so eager to get the Literary Tarot made, and into your hands, and we know you’re eager to have it! Thank you again so so so much for your generosity, grace, and patience!


Now for the good stuff! We can’t make Shanghai reopen on our whim, but we can at least control some literary goodies.

As you all know, we intended to send out the digital back issues of F(r)iction when all production had locked, but we’re gonna release them early as a thank you for being so damn patient with this Covid mess!

So digital downloads of F(r)iction will be delivered straight into the inboxes of everyone who purchased them TODAY! You’ll receive an email from BackerKit with a link by the end of the day, which will let you download the PDF(s) of any currently-released back issues you’ve purchased. Issue #19 has not yet been officially released (it’s trapped in the same Covid mess as all our Literary Tarot products), so it won't be included, but all back issues will be!

We hope these oodles of amazing words and wonderful tales will help tide you over! :D


With delays come more time to add to your order. Orders are still open so if you are eyeing up a Tarot Cloth, wanting another Tarot Box Set, or contemplating the Big Guidebook, you can still get them! Just email us at and we’ll get you all taken care of!


We’ve also heard questions from several of you about tweaking shipping addresses. You can change yours right up until we collect the shipping cost (which will be 4–6 weeks before fulfillment begins). If you need to update your mailing address at any point, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your original BackerKit survey email or requesting your survey link again under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page at You can also email us at and we can help!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Thank you. We know how tiresome these delays are. We’re tired of them too! You all are so wonderfully great for being part of this journey with us. Here’s hoping for some good news in the coming week or two.


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos

More Reveals & Production Update
about 2 months ago – Sat, Apr 02, 2022 at 06:26:37 AM

Ahoy there, glorious backers!

We hope this update finds you well, getting ready for the flowers of spring or the sweater weather of autumn—as the case may be! Thanks so much for all the kind words about the little design treats we’re sneaking into your decks (now that we have all this extra time as we wade through further Covid lockdowns).

So, without further ado, cue the orchestra, set the spotlight, and raise the curtain on this CAVALCADE OF TAROT UPDATES!

Box Swank

First up, you asked to see more of the extra little details that we’ve been sneaking into the book box design so we thought we’d reveal this old school library detail from the interior! (If you don’t remember the paper cards that you had to sign and the librarian would stamp in order to check out a book, we don’t blame you… it just means you’re young! But this is how it used to be done.)


Anyone who backed the Tarot Box Set (in its physical, non-digital form) will be receiving three of these three beautiful bad boys. AND WHAT’S MORE, we discovered at this huge print run, it actually wasn’t too terribly expensive to foil them. So, you know…we did that.

Talk about postcards so gorgeous you’d never ever want to post them at all!!

You’ll notice four cards in the above graphic—the furthest right is the extra postcard that backers will get if you backed the “Foolish Together” tier, designed by Patrick Rothfuss and myself. Ooh! Ahhh!

Okay, those were the delights. Now, onto the finer details… And we wish we had better news, but the hits just keep on coming.

New Covid Lockdowns in China

Over the last month, the factory where these decks are being produced has been open only one day due to spiraling Covid rates in Shanghai (and the associated government lockdowns that come with them). As such, we’re still waiting to receive the very same round of demos that we told you all about in the last update.

We’re told the lockdowns will likely lift next week… so, with some luck, we’ll get those demos to us shortly. We are so very sorry to for the continued delays. We’re doing our best to roll with the many, many punches. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and as always, we’re going to update you whenever we have new information!

Adding Items to Your Order

Given the continued delays, there is still time for you to make additions to your orders! Want to get a Big Guidebook? Thinking about a few Tarot Cloths? Didn’t know you needed another Box Set to gift to a dear, dear friend or loved one? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to to request any additions you’d like to your original pledge… or even additions to your additions!

Please Note: We aren’t able to change existing orders, change pledge tiers, or undo add-ons once you make them—Backerkit limits us to adding new items to the original pledge, and giving you access to change your shipping or billing information (should you need it).

Another Cool Thing… About Opera!

Now, enough about us! We have an awesome project that we’d really like to share with you all!

The Arizona Opera has commissioned some phenomenal and acclaimed artists from the world of comics to create a series of collectible exclusive prints celebrating Carmen: The Graphic Novel. (Carmen is probably the most famous opera… EVER!)

The graphic novel is written by opera singer and director Alex Shrader and illustrated by P. Craig Russell (who did Neil Gaiman's American Gods!) and Aneke (Bylines in Blood) and lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. If you like art, opera, comics, and creativity, you can and should check out the Kickstarter here.

It’s just so awesome how much beautiful, creative work is happening in the world!

Last, but not even remotely least… thank you thank you thank you for your support, your patience, and your enthusiasm. We’re fighting to get these beautiful decks made, to bring all of these amazing items into the world. So, once again. THANK YOU! We’ll be back with you as soon as we can!


Dani, Helen, and all the Brinkeroos

Submission Shout Out & Another Demo Update!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 06:28:43 PM

Hello again, our dear, sweet backers!

We’ve returned with another update from the mountain atop which we keep a loving, eagle eye on the production of The Literary Tarot!


The Lunar New Year has come and gone, which means production can start up again!  We finally conquered the supply chain dragon, and so we have managed to get our hands on the materials needed to test our new foiling technique. So demos are incoming next week! With luck, we’ll be approving this new foil AND THEN moving toward our FINAL demo!

Speaking of this mystical, final demo, we’ll announce a virtual unboxing event for you all as soon as we can pin down a shipping date from our printer! We want you all there with us as we marvel at the work we’ve done together and that you were each so instrumental in making possible! So WATCH OUT FOR UPDATES!!!

Since we can't seem to stop swanking out this product, even when our hands are tied at the printer, we took the time to add a lot of fun little tweaks to the product to make it even cooler. Subtle things that maybe only we notice, but damn are we excited about them. For example, have you ever seen a cooler barcode? Edge and I are adding so many fun little treats to the design!


As you all likely know by now, we also make the literary magazine F(r)iction, filled with marvelous and wonderful stories, poetry, comics, and essays. Not only do these amazing books enchant readers and students alike, but it’s also our primary tool to elevate diverse and emerging voices.

We are proud as all get out that F(r)iction has launched so many literary careers, and we’re on the hunt for great new talent.

Since we know many of you are writers or know writerly folks (you did back a literary tarot, after all!), we wanted to extend our call for submissions to you all!

We’ve just opened submissions for our new few issues. Are you ready for the themes? They’re pretty awesome.

Unseen is our issue for stories and writing about the things that get lost in the margins, fall through the cracks, or just plain disappear. This issue will specialize in work from marginalized writers, and features some super awesome collaboration with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s #VisibleWomen movement.

Dreams will focus on what we experience as we sleep, from fantasy to nightmare, as well as the various avenues of altered consciousness, waking, magical, and mysterious. We’re looking for work that explores the subconscious, loses itself in a hallucinogenic haze, or just plumbs the wildness of imagination.

If you, or someone you know, creates beautiful stories, creative nonfiction, or poems, we encourage you to submit your work! You can find all the details and requirements on our Submittable page.


One final thing to note: you can still add items onto your pledges. If you’ve been considering a Big Guidebook, or a tarot cloth for yourself… or if you might have a friend who’d enjoy a Tarot Box Set as a gift for an upcoming occasion, we can help you out. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get you set up right! Send your questions and additions to

We are so grateful for your support in this project! Thank you again for being a backer, and for making this tarot deck possible.

We’ll be back with more updates as soon as we have them!


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroo team

Demo Updates and Unlocking Orders!
3 months ago – Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 04:25:33 AM

Ahoy, sweet backers! We have some more news, and a touch of blues, to share!


First up: DEMOS. We finally set our peepers on the gold foil we planned to print on previously…but as you can see from the photos below, it just wasn’t bright enough for us. The gold looks fantastic but printing straight on the foil muted our brighter shades…

But we worked with our printer to find an alternative using a PRESS FOILING TECHNIQUE. It’s much more expensive for us, but it’s going to be INFINITELY worth it (and, as you know from reading these 23 updates, that’s a cost we are happy to eat to make sure we give you the best possible product).

We sorted out a small 10-card demo sample to check it out and just take a look!

Now, we’re just waiting on the next small sample set of demos to work on the accuracy of the gold foiling. After that’s been sorted, we should be receiving a full deck demo, so as soon as we know when we’ll have that demo, we’ll send out a calendar invite to all of you to join in our unboxing meeting. (The next demos should be in production soon, but haven’t yet hit the press because of factory shut downs in China since mid-January for the Chinese New Year celebrations.)

But we’re making progress! Thank you all so much for bearing with us through these material delays, supply chain issues, and Lunar New Year-related production slownesses!

Digital Files

Just a wee note that we will be dispersing digital files once we have finished all our demos and tweaking and have done the final handover of all the deck files to our printer—we want to ensure you get the absolute final, perfect product digitally too!

Unlocking Orders

Next, let’s talk about UNLOCKING ORDERS: after our last update, several backers expressed a desire to add new items to their orders. We’ve had a lot of back and forth with BackerKit and, unfortunately, we can’t unlock orders without engaging a whole developer team at their end and running the risk of further delaying printing and fulfillment.

BUT, we have a solution for those who wish to add on items! We can do it manually on our end. So, if you’re keen on enhancing your order (thank you thank you!), please following these instructions:

1. Please email with your full name and the email address associated with your order. (Please do not email us via Kickstarter—we have a staffer ready and waiting with the inbox.)

2. Please clearly state which items you wish to have added to your order and the quantity of each.

3. We will manually add them on our end and then immediately charge the card on file.

4. Please Note: We cannot change or remove any items already on the order and charged for previously. The BackerKit platform only allows us to add and charge for new items.

So, don’t be shy! Let’s bring your orders up to where you want them be! Nothing makes us happier than people getting more shiny stuff and reading F(r)iction! We are super excited to help you add anything on, and thanks for being so excited about all the rad stuff we’re making!

Scholarship Fundraiser

There’s one more thing we would love to share with you all. One of F(r)iction’s wonderful comic writers, Karla Nappi, has just launched a GoFundMe campaign in honor of her cousin who passed away last year. Funds from this fundraiser will establish the Elizabeth Ann Wisemen Scholarship to provide struggling creatives with the help and support to see their dreams come true.

Karla has partnered with us here at Brink to create this two-fold scholarship. The first will sponsor the Community Feature in each issue of F(r)iction (through which we partner with rad organizations like Lambda Literary, the Afghan Women’s Writing Program, and PEN American’s Prison Writing Program), and the second will sponsor an intern stipend with our Publishing Internship Program. Here’s a link to visit the fundraiser and find out more details.

That’s the news from our end! We’ll get back to you more updates as soon as we have them!

Thank you profusely for your patience, kindness, and for backing this project.


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos

Demo Videos, F(r)iction Update, Last Four Cards!
4 months ago – Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 01:46:20 AM

Morning our dear backers!

We hope you all had the loveliest of holidays! We’re just jumping in with a baby update about demos. We got them last month, the day before dearest Helen got Covid (which, in a cruel stroke of fate, happened two days before her booster shot). Then I got sick. Then Christmas.

So it’s been…ah…dubious!

But hey, look at this video of pretty cards and boxes!

The video of all the various things (including the pins and the Oracle’s Atlas’s rad cover) is too big for this platform, but feel free to take a gander on Twitter or (for a slightly longer video) on my Instagram here.


Because you all were so incredibly supportive and amazing about us really taking our time to make sure we rock this, we are taking your advice (thank you!). There were a handful of issues in the demos (the brightness of the CYMK printing, precision of the gold foiling on the cards, texture of the vegan leather, ribbon choice, exact fit of the mini guidebook inside the book box, etc.) that our printer says he’ll take care of in final product. But, to be frank, we’d all just feel better if we can 100% make sure these are perfect before we greenlight thousands of decks.

As such, we’re getting a new round of demos printed.

We were thinking of doing an unboxing Zoom with Helen, Edge, and me when this new round comes in. Is that something you all would be interested in coming along to? I know it’s gonna be hella technical, but we 100% believe in uber transparency, so if that’s something you’d like us to set up for you all, please drop us a line in the comments and we can get that done! Also, it’ll be fun! We LOVE talking about all these cool printing techniques and cooing over the gorgeous art.


For the few thousand of you lovely, lovely folks who also picked up our ARCANA issue of F(r)iction, we wanted to give you a preview of that beaut as well. If you don’t care about this AT ALL, please just skip to the next section about the final card art!

But for all you who stayed with us, here’s some cool stuff about ARCANA!

Like the Literary Tarot, all the proceeds from Friction go directly to our nonprofit mission. But F(r)iction is extra special! Not only is it picked up at bookstores by people just like you, it’s also the primary teaching tool in all our educational courses. From high school and uni classrooms to max-security women’s prisons, this baby is specifically curated to help us think differently about ourselves and the world around us!

The ENTIRE book is full of amazing stories exploring magic in all its forms, from tarot readings to haunted houses to whale prophesies. Like every issue of F(r)iction, it includes custom illustrations for every single piece published, bringing every single literary offering to life in full color.

You’ll recognize four tarot artists in the mix, including Bradley, Hailey, Isabel, and Sam!

There are some rad celebrities in this issue who were ALSO in the Literary Tarot, including a quiz from Holly Black (to discover if your wife is a changeling—or just free spirited), a gorgeous literary fiction short story by K-Ming Chang (about a young woman searching for answers about her past), and an original comic by Rebecca Roanhorse (exploring how the darkness between the stars came to life).

I’m a huge sucker for this comic (and not just because I edited it!), but because it’s so silly beautiful. Our Suit of Quills artists, Isabel, took up this mantle as her very first professional comic gig ever! Here’s a fun preview of that beauty:

For anyone who hasn’t picked up a copy and would like to add Arcana or a subscription (Arcana + two other books) to their order, we haven’t locked out the final orders since we are waiting on our demos, so you have a few more days to sneak it into your order on BackerKit!


But, of course, you guys are here for tarot. So let’s show you the last four cards that we wrapped up!

Thank you all again for your support and incredibly kind words about taking our time with the demos (and remembering to sleep). We are so grateful for what amazing badasses you all are!

Now, we’re off to go refresh the Fed-Ex page a billion times to get updates on our demo shipments. COME ON, Fed-EX! No more delays, PLEEEEASSSSE. We NEEEEED this new demo!


Dani, Helen, and the Brinkeroos